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Name: Dr.BobbiehatsSH

Subjects: Musical Instruments | Type : Student

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Name: Mr.McDermott

Introduction: I have over five years experience.
Subjects: Languages | Type : Tutor
Location: Summerhill,Lisnabrack

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Name: Mr.ali

Introduction: Personal Detail Date of Birth : 27th February 1998 Gender : Male Nationality : Pakistani Marital Status : Single Language known : English, Urdu Email : Mobile : 0345-3430023 Permanent Address : House # 06, Street
Subjects: Academic | Type : Tutor
Location: Golden town ,Karachi,

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Introduction: As an Asian, I know that learning English language from native English speakers is quite difficult because they speak and teach in a fast phase. Being in the same shoes with my students, I know that it is the tutor's duty to reach down to their students a
Subjects: Academic | Type : Tutor
Location: 23/233 Pratunam Prestige Condominium 3, Khwaeng Thanon Phaya Thai, Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand,

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Name: Miss.Agera

Introduction: I'm a very enthusiastic person with lots of patience and willingness to help!
Subjects: Languages | Type : Tutor
Location: Mirina (Limnos island),

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Name: Mrs.Potgieter

Introduction: I'm pretty easy to get along with and a friendly person. I'm laid back, but I make sure I'm in the moment when I teach. It's all about the student and their learning experience. I try to help wherever I can.
Subjects: Languages | Type : Tutor
Location: 5..Rhodes Drive ,Constantia

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Name: Mr.Alfonso

Introduction: experience in teaching 19 years
Subjects: Academic | Type : Tutor
Location: mehamoodabad no 4 ,street no 8e ,house 33

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Name: Mrs.Kamran

Introduction: I am a very easy to talk to, friendly person. Very organised and always giving 100% in what I do. I am happy to travel, or meet midway suiting different students. I am also willing to go the extra mile to assist students when needed. Native English s
Subjects: Languages | Type : Tutor
Location: 19 ewan street,

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